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Combining Urban Living with the City in Sherwood Park. With a population of 65,000, Sherwood Park is often referred to as an urban service area or hamlet. However, the layout and establishments have led to the government officials stating that Sherwood Park has the same characters of a city. If you are interested in a lifestyle that incorporates the best of all worlds, then this area offers opportunities for an urban lifestyle with a variety of activities.

The charm of Sherwood Park is the 49 neighborhoods in the town. These have been established based on different dates, ranging from historical areas to recent additions used for commerce or arts. While many of these neighborhoods may be smaller, there is a large amount of economic flow into the region, equating to over $9 billion in projects. Industrial connections as well as larger projects to continue to establish the growth of the region are the focus of the area, creating more opportunities for residents.

While the focus of the hamlet city is to establish stronger commerce, this doesn't take away from the natural and relaxed setting. Lakes and rivers surround the area, introducing activities and a leisurely lifestyle for many. The area resides closest to many of the forests and parks that are known throughout Canada, creating more enjoyment for those that are interested in both activities and entertainment.

If you are interested in a city that promises growth and development, then Sherwood Park is an establishment to look into. While it still holds the charm and nature of a hamlet in Canada, it also offers promising opportunities with the mega - projects and improvements that are the central focus of the region.
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