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Close To the Bay In Saint John. Saint John, New Brunswick, opens the area of the bay and ocean to travelers and those interested in a space close to the water. The city, also known as Fundy City, is renowned for the water connection as well as the growth of the city. It is closest to the Fundy Bay, which has led to the trade of goods and the connections to greater Canada for commerce.

Saint John is divided into five neighborhoods, including a South, East, West, North and suburb section. Each area is located next to significant landmarks, establishing alternative lifestyles. For instance, the South neighborhood is closest to the harbour and is the oldest section of town, leading to national historical landmarks. The North end alters from this with it's close range to the Saint John River and a residential space for the working class. One can find these marked by different historical sites as well as natural areas for enjoyment.

The neighborhood establishments have created a specific viewpoint to assist those with a different form of living. However, there are current shifts with the area, specifically because of the requirement to diversify the economy. The town was founded on ship building and trade through the bay of the area. Currently, it has grown into the technology sector as well as into health and educational institutions. The vast number of tourists and those attracted to the Bay Area has also increased opportunities for musicians and artists while creating unique cultural growth in the local neighborhoods.

The connection to the bay and the expansion into the city have created a diverse setting through Saint John, New Brunswick. The area, renowned for the trade from the Bay, has also moved into modernized settings and establishments for the growth of both commerce and culture, allowing the area to expand into neighborhoods of opportunity.
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