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The Historic Town of Maple Ridge. Settlements through New Brunswick continue to add into the diversity of Canada. Maple Ridge is one of the areas known in the area as a stopping point for those that want to enjoy the nature of the area. Maple Ridge is one of many settlements that are continuing to develop with prestigious areas to live and natural surroundings that offer more to the Canadian lifestyle.

Maple Ridge is a part of a rich history of settlements, beginning with First Nation tribes and others that are surrounding the region. Like many other areas in New Brunswick, it also played a part in the wars and settlements from Europe. The area remained as a main settlement area from this time, keeping the original, historical settings in tact while developing stronger agricultural and natural ties to the area.

The area of Maple Ridge is central to the New Brunswick area. Most of the surroundings are natural forest and smaller rivers and streams that equate to the beauty of the area. The area has four diverse seasons to match the beauty and the activities of the area. There are a variety of estates and newer developments that are moving into the area as well, offering residential opportunities to those who are interested in settlement.

The ability to tap into a natural and leisurely setting can be seen in Maple Ridge. This settlement area of New Brunswick, is one of many that offers enjoyable, residential living as well as natural, leisurely activities. In this area, one is able to tap into historical preservation, natural surroundings and contemporary estates for a well - rounded lifestyle.
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