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Come Home to Red Deer, Alberta. If any town or city in Alberta can be said to be diverse, it is Red Deer. Red Deer began as an immense area inhabited by native aboriginals of Cree, Blackfoot and Stoney tribes. Today, Red Deer has managed to combine native and European influence into a singularly unique microcosm of business and residences. In Red Deer's history, it began as a trading post. The imprint of this early history remains a vital part of Red Deer's signature style. By 1900, Red Deer's population began to grow and continues to this day. New residents feel right at home in Red Deer. Life here has a symphonic hum to it and people enjoy all that Red Deer has to offer.

Red Deer and the Rivers. The confluence of the Bow River and the Red Deer River provided ample opportunity for industry growth. Red Deer offers current residents a well-rounded base of transportation, education, sports and entertainment. There are plenty of parks, recreation facilities and centers for arts and culture to be enjoyed by all.

Red Deer Planning and Development. As with most Canadian provinces, planning and development is a finely honed art. In Red Deer, the city planners strive for attention to detail in terms of location of building and construction. This provides the city with a more defined arrangement of houses and businesses and protects Red Deer's natural resources and the extraordinary beauty of this city. Red Deer government authorities prefer a more judicious format for land use to preserve the city's authenticity. In doing so, residents realize a highly sound city economy.

Red Deer Amenities. Red Deer is one of the most desirable of Alberta cities due to numerous libraries, schools and hospitals. Centrally located along the Calgary/Edmonton corridor, Red Deer welcomes new residents with its iconic friendly charm.
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