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The Capital of Canada in Quebec. Quebec is one of the largest provinces in Canada. At the seat of this region is Quebec City, the capital of the province and also recognized as the main establishment in Canada. As one of the first settlements in Canada, it became a safe - haven to many crossing the ocean into new territories. The commerce, trade and opportunity of Quebec has allowed it to become a prosperous and enjoyable area for a city lifestyle.

The historical district of Old Quebec has been named a world heritage site by UNESCO. This is only the beginning to the rich prosperity it offers to the community. The establishment of the older buildings, ranging from governmental capital centers to arts venues have allowed the older section of the city to offer discoveries for many in the region. It is also recognized because of the Saint Lawrence River that creates distinctions in the character of various neighborhoods throughout the city.

The area now has seven different neighborhoods, each comprising of different activities and development. The older, historical district houses many of the commerce and governmental projects that today allow the city to continue to function. This is followed by manufacturing that is used in many of the neighborhoods and that offer high - end trades with other countries. The thriving economy and government create a large amount of support to the arts, sports and innovative developments that have placed Quebec on a global map.

The central area of Canada that continues to be recognized for historical and innovative developments is Quebec. The province that expands through Canada and that has opened a city of opportunity also provides residential wealth to the area. The province and city of Quebec have allowed the area to continue to blossom into commercial, governmental and innovative opportunities.
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