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Embracing North Canada in Prince George. Canada's Northern Territory of British Columbia offers many lifestyle opportunities, natural settings and enjoyment. If you are interested in relocation and want a space filled with charm, then Prince George, British Columbia invites in a space of royalty. Prince George is known as Canada's Northern capital, filled with both enjoyment and natural settings that grab residents interested in a luxurious lifestyle.

Prince George was strategically settled between the cross of two rivers, the Fraser and Nechako, both which are placed by the Rocky Mountain Trench. The natural setting remains a wonder for those in Canada, creating a strong connection to nature. The settlement of the area by the French began with the Gold Rush, becoming a major stop for those interested in digging for wealth. Since this time, it has developed into a prosperous area for trade from the rivers while developing and cultivating artistic opportunity.

Prince George has an average of 70,000 residents in the region, who have actively made the community renowned as a prosperous area for trade, commerce and culture. The area is known for it's dominant educational institutions and universities, such as the University of Northern British Columbia. The educational opportunities have triggered artistic events and festivals, musical gatherings, sports related events and other high - end opportunities for those in the area. Those interested in entertainment or philosophy can easily find a place to call home in Prince George.

Settlement in an area filled with nature, education, economic development and culture is easy to find in Canada's Northern Territories. Prince George is renowned for the opportunities offered in the area while creating a strong reputation in support of high - end cultivations in education to commerce and culture. Moving into this area also offers options for growth in one's life.
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Average price per  sq.feet  $225
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Average price per  sq.feet  $1.6
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