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The Place to Stay Forever Of Penticton. The First Nations tribes looked highly on the city of Penticton, giving it the name of the place to stay forever. The beauty of the city comes from the valley region that it is used as it's foundation. This is surrounded by the Okanagan and Skaha Lakes that create the landscape of the area. The combined natural settings of Penticton allow it to remain a place of leisure, peace and enjoyment for those in Canada.

Penticton was inhabited by the Okanagan Tribe until the late 1800s, when it developed into a settled area by the Irish and British. The beauty of the area was the original draw, creating growth of the city through the 1800s. It turned into an establishment filled with recreational activities for the outdoors, ranging from waterside enjoyment to ski resorts on the slopes of Apex Mountain Resorts. The combined leisurely activities continue to support the economy and community today.

The resorts and landscape combine with the infrastructure of the city. The neighborhoods are surrounded by parks, natural reserves and landscapes that the community continues to enjoy. Each formulates with the educational, health care, sports and natural systems that equate to a thriving community. The development of the area; however, is established specifically with the natural settings in mind first as the support of the community.

If you are interested in taking in and embracing nature at it's fullest, then Penticton is a space to enjoy the most. From lakes to mountains, the area has an established character that is created from the natural enjoyment. The activities and the community continue to establish their character from the opportunities that nature has to offer.
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