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Head Out to Okotoks, Alberta. Okotoks is situated in the Sheep River Valley and is the largest urban center between Calgary and another Canadian city, Lethbridge in provincial Alberta. The population of Okotoks remained just under 15,000 until the past two decades when many of Calgary's employees wanted to get away from the city. By description, Okotoks is a rolling countryside southwest of Calgary. Many Calgarian commuters enjoy the relaxing view that takes only a few hours to enjoy in Okotoks. The Okotoks foothills and Canadian Rockies make the travel more than worthwhile. The popularity of Okotoks encouraged many to consider making it their permanent home.

1880s Okotoks. In the 1800s, Okotoks was an important horse and wagon stop on the Macleod Trail. Okotoks connected Fort Macleod and Fort Calgary's Northwest Mounted Police posts. It was here that wagons crossed the Sheep River. The Macleod Trail followed old Aboriginal routes that had fallen into disuse. This was a result of the Canadian Pacific Railway's construction of a spur rail line south out of Calgary, bringing settlers, business and industry to Okotoks.

Traditional and Contemporary Okotoks. Traditionally, Okotoks was a tourist spot for many decades. Its economic stability was largely the result of the Lineham Lumber Company providing jobs and business revenue from leasing of areas of the Sheep and Highwood Rivers. The railroad was, in large part, the mainstay of Okotoks ability to maintain transport of lumber and other products, as well as providing residents with a reliable passenger rail service. In 1971, a super highway was built which made access to this region more convenient. Residents of Okotoks enjoy the environmentally preserved beauty of their city. Among the many businesses located in Okotoks are real estate agencies, which assist client in locating the perfect Okotoks residential or commercial properties.
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