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Niagara Falls, Ontario - A Metropolis on the Niagara River. To fully enjoy Niagara Falls, Ontario, it's important to shift focus away from the city's biggest tourist attraction, the Canadian Niagara Falls. There's so much more to this wonderful city than tourism. For instance, there are 11 communities in this city. Additionally, there 67 neighborhoods. Clearly, Niagara Falls, Ontario offers residents more than just a view of the falls. The ultra modern architecture is a visible symbol of the growth of business and industry that provides a healthy base for employment.

A Diverse Metropolitan Housing Base. Niagara Falls, the city, follows typical urban design found in Canada's largest cities. It has an outstanding, diverse housing base of condos, townhouses, single family homes and apartments convenient to the center of the city's business district. As with most of Ontario, Niagara Falls strives to balance nature and business to create the perfect environment for its growing population. Niagara Falls streets are well-maintained in all seasons of the year. There's noticeable attention to detail with regard to urban city services. This makes Niagara Falls a more inviting a place to live.

A Full Compliment of Services. In Niagara Falls, there are plenty of doctors, emergency and medical facilities. Libraries and museums help balance a hectic work week. Niagara Falls is also widely known for its historical and cultural programs. The city offers a diverse selection of restaurants and theaters with year round programs. For children, there's the ice arena, parks, the Canada Day and Santa Claus parades. With over 30 educational facilities in Niagara Falls, parents have a wider choice of schools from which to choose. Brock University and Niagara College also round out the educational opportunities in this city. Niagara Falls is a great place to purchase a home or start a new business.
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Average price per  sq.feet  $1.4
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