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Exploring the Forests of Mission. Many areas in Canada are recognized by the lakes and rivers that surround the area. Mission, British Columbia, stands apart from many neighboring cities because of the deep forest that surrounds the area. While smaller lakes and rivers run through the space, the forest continues to highlight the town. Tree farms and agricultural aspects coincide with this, developing a landmark for the Canadian space.

Mission was built in 1891 after a great land sale. While it was not incorporated into a town at this time, many began to go to the area for development of housing and leisurely enjoyment of the forests. The extension of the area expanded into railways and trade that came to the area for trade and commerce, including logging, berry exports and mills. This eventually built the core of the town, creating historical connections that are still in place today from the initial building.

The establishment of the main area branched into several communities that are in the area today. The combination of the land available and the commerce set Mission in motion to expand rapidly. Most that live in the area today are linked to educational or commerce opportunities. Others that are interested in alternative forms of development live in the region while commuting to the neighboring cities for work. Leisurely festivals that celebrate the harvest and changes of season are the main draws to the smaller community.

Developed with the idea of establishing new foundations, Mission has continued to grow with the natural resources available. The forest area is renowned for the logging, berries and mills that still operate today. The community that is in the area combines this with a specific connection to the natural and leisurely settings.
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