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Lloydminster, Alberta. The most striking feature of Lloydminster, Alberta is its location. It sits directly on the border between Alberta and Saskatchewan. For potential home buyers and business owners, this location is an excellent choice. However, the real beauty of Lloydminster isn't just location. It's also the feeling of freedom to roam this spacious, urban city and enjoy Lloydminster's amenities. When first a visitor enters the city, the massive highway has the feel of endlessness. The landscape may be urban; but, there's also a deep sense of the preservation of Lloydminster's natural beauty and history. Many potential home buyers are drawn to Lloydminster for its big city look in one sector of the city and its hometown rural appearance in another sector. Lloydminster is the perfect blend of vibrant activities and numerous opportunities to relax.

Lloydminster, the Busy City. Business as usual is the standard in Lloydminster. With a population of just over 30,000, residents are a close knit group of people who live and work in Cochrane and enjoy a variety of jobs and housing. Given its history of being located between two provinces, there is a noticeable difference in Lloydminster's demographics. It's easy to spot the "Saskatchewan side" of Lloydminster for its younger age group. On the Alberta side where the population is larger, the age groups are varied.

Housing in Lloydminster, Alberta. Albertans are quite selective when it comes to settling in and buying homes. In Lloydminster, housing and land development are keenly organized by the city's Planning and Engineering professionals. This helps to keep Lloydminster from overgrowth. Consult with a real estate agent regarding housing availability within Lloydminster. There are a diverse number of condos, townhouses, apartments and houses from which to choose. Lloydminster encourages potential home buyers and individuals considering rentals to review the city's applicable directives.
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Average price per  sq.feet  $1.09
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