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Lethbridge-Newfoundland and Labrador is the "other" Lethbridge, located in Atlantic Canada. Unlike its western provincial city in Alberta, Lethbridge-Newfoundland and Labrador is home to a tiny, growing population. Lethbridge may, at first blush, seem to be a sleepy little North Atlantic village. This is just right for residents of this community who cherish the wide open seas at their front door and that unmistakable sea air that haunts all seafaring souls. A small village community like Lethbridge has the advantage of a safe, secure environment protected by those lofty rocky walls that line the shore.

Lethbridge - The Small and Mighty Community. Lethbridge residents pride themselves on self-reliance. As such, their main interest lies in growing their own crops. With the blessing of a heavily forested area, lumbering also provides a means of economic stability. Lethbridge has full provisions for residents needs. This includes schools, fire and emergency services, as well as small businesses like a pub, restaurant, convenience store and building supply store. Lethbridge is a small and mighty community that retains its "Newfie" image through clean living and busy work days. Lethbridge is one of those Atlantic Canada areas that tourists love. Its scenic beauty and friendly population of fewer than 1,000 make it an ideal place to become a true Newfoundland resident. When you enter Lethbridge, you are greeted with a smile. Most visitors to Lethbridge are struck by its unique charm.

Homes in Lethbridge. Although Lethbridge is a relatively small region within Newfoundland, real estate is available for individuals hoping to relocate. It's possible to purchase homes or acreage, although, it's best to consult with a real estate agent regarding availability. For potential home buyers, prices are affordable. Enjoy Lethbridge's endless blue skies, the mighty Atlantic ocean and friendly people.
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