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Lacombe, Alberta - All This and Prairie Living Too. It can be said the northwestern province of Alberta has it all. For home buyers, their choices fit perfectly with personal preferences to live near mountains, lakes or, in the case of Lacombe, the sunny Alberta prairie. Lacombe isn't just any prairie. It's ablaze with the most amazing, colorful landscape and sunsets one might assume are painted by Gauguin.

The air in Lacombe is slightly drier than in other regions of Alberta. This is precisely how the residents of Lacombe like it. It's also home to nearby Ellis Bird farm, owing to the unique species of birds who call Lacombe "home." Though Lacombe is located on a prairie, Gull Lake, with its sandy shores is an attraction found in Alberta's oldest provincial park.

One of Canada's "Prettiest Towns". Harrowsmith Country Life magazine dubbed Lacombe, "one of Canada's prettiest towns."

For potential home buyers, this colorful prairie town provides public beaches with warm waters for swimming. For boaters, there's access to the lake's deeper waters. Here, anglers troll or cast for northern pike, yellow perch, walleye and lake whitefish. Sold in Lacombe restaurants, the catches of the day have the most remarkably fresh flavor.

Enter Lacombe, Alberta's Historic City. Lacombe was named for Father Alberta Lacombe, a missionary who was a peacemaker between the Blackfoot and Cree aboriginals in the 1880s. Today, Lacombe prides itself on maintaining its historic value and also to serve the needs of residents. In Lacombe's early history, it became famous for the world-renowned, "Lacombe hog." Today, Lacombe is home to a variety of businesses, schools and medical facilities convenient to residents and potential home buyers. Check with a local real estate agent for particulars on available homes and properties in Lacombe. Then, enjoy Lacombe to the fullest.
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