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From Trade to Growth in Kingston. Kingston, Ontario, is one of the many strategic locations that have developed the richness and royalty of Canada. The location by the Saint Lawrence River that flows into Lake Ontario, created the original establishment of richness by Native Americans and Europeans. The wealth of the area was created as a trading post for residents in the area because of the convenience and ability to easily connect through the waterways.

From the establishment of Kingston, have been many opportunities that have allowed the area to grow. The historical buildings created the first nickname of the area, "Limestone City," specifically because of the use of limestone to build the various establishments. The unusual buildings of the past are combined with the area being known as a place for the kings, which led to rapid growth of the area. The history that has created a dive into the riches of the area have led the historical sites as recognized preservations of the UNESCO Historical Sites.

Today, the wealth, trade and opportunity continues to build from the foundations of the community. Kingston has been recognized as one of the best areas to live and work. The historical significance has grown into new innovations in commerce, technology and educational opportunities. Institutional developments and projects as well as festivals and artistic community projects have allowed a diverse population to thrive in the region.

The riches and royalty of Canada are highlighted through cities such as Kingston. The establishment of trade in the area and the movement into new opportunities have allowed the area to remain a highlight of Ontario for a wealthy and royal lifestyle.
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