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The Home of Nobility in King, Ontario. King, Ontario, is given it's name and distinction by connecting to the names and concepts of royalty. It was first established in the late 1700s by orders of the Queen, creating a foundation by royal lineage in the area. The area, before known as Armitage, changed to the distinction because of the generous foundations and monetary resources offered by royalty, specifically to create the heritage and development of Canada today.

The establishment of King was created for agricultural development. Quickly after the foundations were laid for the land, farmers and those interested in industry began to flock to the area, including establishments from the United States and Europe. The area flourished because of the fertile land as well as saw mills and industrial businesses that established the first sections of the town. The connections to forest areas and smaller lakes and rivers allowed many that settled the area to thrive for centuries from the agricultural sectors.

Today, King has divided into six different neighborhoods. Some are recognized from historical connections while others are newly developed because of landmarks from the natural setting. Heritage sites are the center of many of the neighborhoods, creating unique discoveries for the residents. The largest number of economic opportunities include those who work from home in business services as well as construction and manufacturing. There is a diversity of economics from other sectors as well, allowing King to continue to grow.

The natural foundation of King from royal connections has allowed the community to expand and grow. The historical connections that remain in the city as well as the connecting neighborhoods that highlight nature and history allow one to see the unique characteristics of cities in Ontario. Through the various community connections, a variety of possibilities are available for those in the royal region.
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