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The Prosperity of Kanata. Kanata, Ontario is one of the suburbs of Ottawa. As a planned community, it has led to a variety of prosperous projects in economy, nature and arts, while highlighting the best of the character of Canada. The area offers a branching community, specifically with a focus of commerce and trade, all while creating a stronghold for Ottawa and the development projects in Canada.

Kanata was founded in the late 1700s, specifically because of the forest surrounding the area. It quickly developed into agricultural homes used for trade and commerce. It wasn't until the 1960s that Canadians began to plan out development of the area beyond the agricultural aspects. They mapped out the communities based on the greenbelt that is surrounding Ontario. This was combined with a blueprint for the community while leaving over 3,000 acres of land for a natural and serene setting around the community.

The planning and development phases of Kanata into the main community created opportunities and a leisurely lifestyle for those in the area. Three areas for business and commerce were created, now which has developed into a high - tech area. This has become a staple for services provided to Canadian residents. Other areas are centered around the natural setting, including parks and recreational areas. As the planning of the city was to have a model for Canadian communities, artistic and sports centers thrive through the area for continuous development.

The approaches used by Kanata have moved from planning phases and into a thriving and prosperous city. A staple for Ontario and Canada, this area has been recognized for the technology and business park sectors as well as the communities that embrace the greenbelt of Canada, serving as an exemplary and prosperous city.
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