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Canadian Energy Expansions Into Estevan. There are many communities in Canada that formed as a result of the intercontinental railway and the intention to trade across borders. Estevan is one of the spaces that was founded in the 1800s specifically as a result to expand the Canadian area. The community that was formed at this point followed with opportunities throughout the area for other establishments and economic development.

Estevan runs by the Souris River, creating a natural backdrop to the area. It is also located close to a mountain range, developing unique, natural settings. While it has this specific location for natural settings, it is also known for the close proximity to the United States, with a distance of only 16 miles. This makes the trade and economic opportunity one that continues to expand in the area.

Estevan's founding was based not only on the railway expansion but also with trade and commerce as a main approach. Coal mining and the commerce of oil, gas and power generation remain a staple in the town. This is specifically linked both to the natural settings as well as the location by the U.S. border and to other cities in Canada. The amount of trade offered to the area has led to the nickname of the area, The Energy City. The founding of this continues to create a staple to the community.

The area of Estevan is one that was founded with the approach required for trade, commerce and expansion into new territories. The location of this town as well as the industries that are associated with the area have developed a different alternative for those in the community. The staples of both nature and commerce continue to hold the expanding reputation of energy city.
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