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The Home Grown Enjoyment of Delta. Located in Ontario, is the thriving community of Delta. This area is located closest to Rideau Lakes, creating unique options for the richness of the area. The community combines the smaller proximity with a variety of activities and lifestyle choices, all which allow the town to grow while offering more to those in the area. The leisurely lifestyle continues to offer enjoyment to those in the area.

Delta was first founded in the late 1700s by a Baptist Clergyman, specifically with the intention of settling land outside of the United States as free territory. He began to establish basic settlement options for the community, including a mill and other agricultural developments. This beginning led to a surge of agricultural property being developed in the area while using the lakes for continuous growth in the region. A railway and other transportation followed to establish trade and commerce in the community.

Today, Delta continues to thrive on agricultural land in the area. The area is known for the large, agricultural fair that is held in the area. It is also known for holding the maple syrup festival in the fall, specifically because of the highlights of agriculture in the area. The entertainment, opportunity and the links back to agriculture and nature continue to develop because of these activities and support from the community.

The original foundation of Delta continues to lead the main operations of the area. The richness of the land and the surrounding lakes allow the area to thrive with agriculture. From this development, the community is able to lead into a leisurely life with activities surrounding the interest in growing agriculture.
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