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Soaking in Canada's Sunshine in Cranbrook. There are many smaller towns that invite you into enjoyment of lifestyle and nature. An area in British Columbia known for it's charm is Cranbrook. This space in Canada, known for receiving the most sunshine out of all other areas in Canada during the year, invites a setting of charisma to relaxation throughout the town. The details of this area provide one with enjoyment and activity throughout the year.

Cranbrook was originally established as a stopping point for a railway system moving through Canada. It developed from this stopping location into a city known for enjoyment. It is by the side of the Rocky Mountain Forest District, as well as Kootenay River and St. Mary's River. For those interested in natural settings, hikes and outdoor activities, Cranbrook invites a variety of options to enjoy the mountainous and water settings.

While Cranbrook is most often referred to as a heritage town, there are also activities that surround the area for those interested in the lifestyle. While it has a smaller population of 19,000 people, it also creates a sense of charm from the outdoor activities and leisurely community gatherings created. It focuses most on educational opportunities for children and young adults while specializing in the outdoor gatherings offered to those who reside in the area.

If you are interested in tapping into nature, then looking at Cranbrook, British Columbia, offers a new experience. The backdrop of this area, and the growth that has occurred from the original train station, has led to a charming space for your lifestyle.
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