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The Communities of Chatham. Located in southwest Ontario, Chatham is designed with diverse neighborhoods that offer alternative lifestyles. The area was originally a naval dockyard with a surrounding by the Thames River. Many began to settle along the river and surrounding areas, specifically to create a new lifestyle from the natural abundance of the area while connecting to the trade of the river. The communities quickly submerged into the city of Chatham for more opportunities.

The many communities that have linked together in Chatham create unique characteristics for those in the area. There are a wide variety of historical buildings and developments, specifically because each town had it's own characteristic. These developments have led to sections of the city that are unique and which offer a discovery into the diversity of the area.

While the diversity of Chatham relies heavily on the many communities, there are also other associations that have allowed the development of the neighborhoods to take place. The city is also referred to as the industrial heartland. Automobile development, manufacturing and agriculture are the priority of the area, creating a strong backbone to the growth of the community. It is from this foundation that educational, health care and institutional buildings have continued to support the economics of the city.

The merging of communities in Chatham have developed unique approaches to living in the region. The diversity combines with historical significance and opportunities in industry. While each community continues to hold characteristics that are unique, the unification of each into one region offers a continuous discovery into a different lifestyle.
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