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Calgary, "Cowtown" on the Prairie. Calgarians call their beautiful city "Cowtown." Calgary is Canada's Garden of Eden. It's located at the foothills of the majestic Canadian Rockies. Although, Calgary is a city in a western Canadian province, the nickname "Cowtown" is part of that wonderful Calgarian subtle sense of humor. In many respects, flying into Calgary airport, visitors may think they've landed in New York City or other major metropolitan cities.

Calgary's Treasure Trove. From the moment visitors land in Calgary airport, they are greeted warmly by airport staff. It's impossible not to notice the attention to detail of the interior of the airport. It's a delight to the senses and lulls visitors into a refreshing welcome. During the first weeks of July, Calgary is likely to be inundated with crowds attending the world's largest rodeo, The Calgary Stampede. It's not just a rodeo. It's a colorful, supercharged event with many facets of Calgary history and provincial nuances.

Calgary Tower and the Saddle Dome. While visiting Calgary, it's easy to notice residences tucked into neat arrangements between major tourist sites. Calgary Tower is a tourist site and a restaurant that rests high above the city. Diners enjoy the magical vista of the city as the top of the tower slowly revolves. Historians love accommodations at the Palliser Hotel. The architectural beauty of this elegant structure always captures the attention of camera buffs. Of the world's most unusual sports arenas, the Calgary Saddle Dome stands out.

The Bow River. The Bow River runs throughout the city of Calgary. It's easy to get around Calgary. Do as Calgarians do. The streets are arranged in proximity to the Bow River. Calgary was also the site of the 1988 Winter Olympics. The Olympic ski jump is within view of residences near Scotsman Hill, high above the city.
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