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Bedford, Nova Scotia, Where History and Modern Living Converge. Nova Scotia is, without doubt, one of the most historic Canadian provinces. It's location on the Atlantic coast provided easy access to seafaring adventurers from England, France and Spain. Bedford, Nova Scotia is part of that ancestral history that officially began with Governor Cornwallis. Prior to the creation of a garrison in Bedford, this region of Canada was home to the Mi'kmaq Aboriginal nation. One of the highlights of Bedford's landscape is the waterfront walkway where residents can enjoy the scenic views along the Bedford Basin, part of Halifax Harbor.

Bedford Abounds with Activities. Residents of Bedford find a well-rounded program of activities like boating, swimming and taking part in Canada's national sport, hockey. Bedford has a population of fewer than 20,000. As a waterfront town, housing development shows continued growth. Coupled with annual provincial events and large commercial and industrial base, potential home buyers find jobs are readily available.

Housing and Business in Bedford. Homes in Bedford range from the ultra exclusive upscale models to affordable single family homes. Properties are also available for commercial and industrial businesses, as well as for new home construction. The choicest of these are located along the waterfront and offer easy access for transportation. A ferry service is planned as a future project. Condos, townhouses and apartments are also available. For a particular site in Bedford, the best source is a real estate agent.

Many areas of Bedford are lush and green and offer spectacular views from rolling hills. Shopping malls are conveniently located. Residents delight to the Canada Day celebration of "Bedford Days" replete with local events and fireworks for all to enjoy. There's nothing that compares to the winter holiday season in Bedford. The skyline is alight with color and the scent of Canadian fir trees.
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