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Battleford, Saskatchewan's Best Kept Secret. The Town of Battleford, located off the Yellowhead Highway might just be Saskatchewan's best kept secret. The business of Battleford is "business" in every way. For job seekers, Battleford has much to offer. There's plenty of real estate available for ambitious entrepreneurs to relocate or start a new business.

Battleford is an excellent choice for new small businesses. Where there is business growth, there is also housing growth. The landscape of Battleford has an agricultural accent. This is a great place for young families to find a home.

The Sights and Sounds of Battleford. One of the drawing agents to the town of Battleford is the gentle hum of business that intermingles with sports, entertainment and outdoor activities. Upon entering Battleford, the sound of children's laughter and excitement becomes part of the daily landscape. Where there are happy children having fun, there are parents and other adults who know how to create the perfect balance between work and relaxation. Battleford offers a world of opportunities for young and older residents to spread their wings and enjoy the clean fresh air and endless sunshine.

Housing in Battleford. As a result Battleford's early history as a business community, housing demands grew. Potential home buyers can purchase single family homes, duplexes and condos. Apartments and several choices of senior residences are also available. A professional real estate agent is the best source to locate the perfect new or existing home or property in Battleford. It's location between the Battle and North Saskatchewan Rivers provide Battleford with an idyllic image of life here. Battleford is home to a museum, schools, camping grounds and rustic trails, for those who love a nice long walk in the open air.

Houses and commercial buildings are a blend of modern and traditional designs.
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