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From the Rivers to North Battleford. North Battleford, Saskatchewan, is a renowned area for resources and development. From the First Nations tribes to contemporary settlements, the area has developed because of the rich soil, local resources, trading and opportunities to connect. From the foundation that began thousands of years ago, the area has developed into one that is continuously recognized for the resources, land and community materials in the area.

North Battleford is across from the North Saskatchewan River, as well as it's sister city, Battleford. Many often equate both cities together, even though both hold a different atmosphere and developmental plan. The natural landscape of both the river and the North Provincial Park and Kings Hill create an atmosphere of nature and industry that many have enjoyed through the centuries. Today, it offers an enjoying setting for residents in the region.

The attractions in the area are created through the historical preservation of the area, making this one of the central interests in the area outside natural resources. Agricultural plantations that have remained in tact, as well as developments of the older communities, are some of the interesting points in the region. Features of history are combined with contemporary buildings, including the large sports arena and smaller cultural centers that offer interest to the region.

The area of North Battleford has remained a distinguished area because of the nature surrounding the town. This has driven a primary approach to creating the community which continues to thrive on the natural settings, outlines of nature and the developments for opportunity as a part of the city.
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