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Trois-rivières-Quebec might just be the Riviera of North America. The name of this Windsor City corridor city is an indication of the three rivers that converge here. The St. Maurice and three St. Lawrence River mouths offer a spectacular view of the lovely region. The Quebecois who reside in Trois-rivières take great pride in their French heritage. Many residents flock to their beloved three-river confluence in all seasons of the year. This is no surprise given the numerous activities Trois-rivières provides. This is one of those Canadian picture book cities that draw avid interest from many photographers.

Trois-rivières - A City of Many Vistas. Trois-rivières attracts tourists and new home buyers immediately. There's a hint of quaint architecture in every corner of Trois-rivières. Yet, there's also a modern look downtown where shoppers converge like the three rivers. For those considering relocating to Trois-rivières, there are many choices. Condos, single family homes, rentals and cottages flourish in Trois-rivières at affordable prices. Discuss the possibilities with a real estate agent familiar with housing and property in Trois-rivières.

Homes with a View. Some of the most spectacular, gracious new and existing homes abut the rivers. These are the most sought after in Trois-rivières. Another feature of homes in this city are manufactured, modular homes that are quite reasonable. Trois-rivières features all of the amenities needed to make life convenient and comfortable.

Tourism and Jobs in Trois-rivières. Although tourism is a major feature of business in Trois-rivières that create jobs, this city is known for its hi-tech industries. Technological industries today replaced paper and pulp industries of the 1960s.

Trois-rivières Most Cherished Assets. Music, dance and the arts are the most cherished assets of Trois-rivières. Entertainment and the arts are deeply embedded in Trois-rivières society. This city is the site of many internationally highlighted arts festivals.
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