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Sundre, Alberta - Wide Open Spaces. First time visitors to Sundre in the province of Alberta are always charmed by its rural appearance. If ever there's a place to roam, it must be Sundre. Tucked into rolling land and seemingly endless open spaces are enchanting homes and ranches. There's an unusual sense of freedom to spread one's wings in Sundre. Travel to Sundre via Trans Canada highway is the easiest way to find the jewel of Alberta. Sundre isn't really a "town." It's more like a rare gem set into a golden ring.

Sundre, For Lovers of Tranquility. For individuals seeking a place to settle down, Sundre is perfect. It's dotted with various residential areas and shopping centers and yet, there's the feeling of spaciousness and western nuances. This part of Alberta is definitely more inclined to a more laid back, naturalistic way of life. In Sundre, there are a few dude ranches open year round to visitors. These are delightful getaways for families with children or without. The subtle hum of business in Sundre is barely noticeable to the naked eye. In Sundre, residents enjoy a combination of lush scenery and urban convenience.

Urban Style Services. Although Sundre lies within view of the Canadian Rockies, there's no shortage of urban services provided to residents here. Alberta's provincial government does a superb job of maintaining roads the year round. In addition, there's a full menu of other provincial services Sundre residents enjoy.

Summing Up Life in Sundre. For individuals looking for a more rural lifestyle, Sundre is well placed to offer all the beauty, tranquility and stunning scenic beauty potential home and property buyers could want. Sundre is located centrally in Alberta approximately eighty-one miles from Calgary. It lies along what's known as the "Cowboy Trail," and is replete with provincial history.
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