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Reaching the Western Slopes of Sooke. Sooke, located on Vancouver Island, is often referred to as the Western Slope of Greater Victoria. The area has developed specifically because of the expansion through Vancouver Island, allowing an establishment of a different nature through the city to take place. Since the growth into the area of Sooke, a variety of newer opportunities and placements have become a part of the region.

Sooke is known first by it's nature. Many Canadians consider this an important stopping point for tourist travels, making it one of the thriving aspects of the economy and development. The prime objective of residents and visitors is the natural habitat, including the surrounding harbors and ocean, regional parks and trails used for biking and hiking. The combination of activities into nature have allowed many to enjoy the leisurely opportunities that are in the slopes of Sooke.

The Western Area of Sooke is also known for the continuous growth of the region. While it is still considered a smaller town, there are many establishments that are building. Educational centers are combined through the area for families and those continuing their education. There are also opportunities with cultural and artistic centers by residents, specifically to highlight the tourist attractions and to create more options for the local artists. The combined opportunities allow the community to enjoy more options while continuing to thrive in the area.

The dominance of nature in Canada is highlighted by regions such as Sooke. The location of this space on Vancouver Island and the activities that combine nature and community allow the space to continue to grow. Through the attractions and the natural settings, many residents in the area are able to enjoy a well - rounded lifestyle.
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