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Saguenay, Quebec is a popular tourist spot. The beauty of this city is its magical appearance. Perched on the Saguenay River within view of cruise boats floating gently by, residents of Saguenay are treated to a city abundant with charm and Quebecois influence. Blink your eyes and you might mistake Saguenay for a resort town. Blink again and the modern buildings and residences remind one of a metropolis. Saguenay, like many Atlantic Canadian cities was home to aboriginals until the French settled into small enclaves to trade fur and set up mercantile businesses. When the Canadian National Railway arrived in Saguenay in the late 1890s, Saguenay became the central region for pulp and paper. Later, Saguenay was home to hydroelectric and aluminum industries.

Saguenay - For Modern "Settlers". Saguenay is located at the southern end of the province of Quebec at the confluence of the Saguenay and St. Lawrence Rivers. Many areas of Saguenay are lushly forested. One natural, scenic spot is the Saguenay Fjord National Park. Residents are proud of La Fabuleuse Historie d'un Royaume, one of the world's few historic theaters with indoor enactments.

Housing and Business Properties in Saguenay. In Saguenay, potential home buyers find single family and duplex homes in a variety of styles with property included. Business properties for retail, factory, storage or wholesale uses are also available in Saguenay through a real estate agent. Cottage style condos, apartments and attached rentals comprise the remainder of residential housing in Saguenay. There are also a number of specialty properties for sale. Local services include schools, police, fire, medical and emergency.

Saguenay - Center for Arts, Crafts and Museums. Woven into the fabric of life in Saguenay is an abundance of shops dedicated to arts and crafts. Museums, libraries and shopping malls add to Saguenay's charm.
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