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Healthy Living in Rimouski. The Rimouski River traces around the city of Rimouski, Quebec. It is designed with growing opportunities in the community and continuous highlights of the natural settings appreciated by those living in the area. The diversity is inclusive of the warmer summers and snowy winters, highlighted by the community lifestyles that surround the seasons and the opportunities in the region.

Rimouski is highlighted first by the innovative health care solutions in the area. The largest employer of the town is the main hospital, specifically with continuous planning and development for health. Technology, innovative forms of health care and needs for the community are in a central location, making it a recognized space for healthy lifestyles. The area combines this with universities that tap into the community resources for the development of science, health and other higher studies.

While education and health drive the community forward most, other opportunities are also centered in the area. Cultural arts centers and activities with several festivals throughout the area are known in the region. Tourists are known to highlight some of the activities with visits to maritime regions for even more activities. Ferry services, lighthouses and accents along waterways make this area a perfect getaway for those in Canada.

The thriving and healthy community of Rimouski continues to remain active with the growing opportunities of Quebec. The center highlight of health care is followed by the natural accents and the cultural options that are building in the area. With this region, there are many that are able to enjoy the regional opportunities for leisure and work.
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