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Entering the Gateway of Prince Albert. The gateway to the north is the nickname of the prominent city, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. This area is renowned for the place where nature and commerce meet, while providing leisurely activities for the community. The founding of the region was in 1692 and was settled in the 1750s. Before this time, the First Nations referred to the area as a place where many meet, giving it a charm and feel of community from the foundation.

The area of Prince Albert sits at the banks of the North Saskatchewan River. It is also surrounded by major lakes and forest, creating an invitation to many natural reserves that are still enjoyed today. Activities in the area for leisurely activities, as well as outdoor activities and sports teams fill the area, specifically because of the connections to nature that form the main town areas and that offer more escapes into the wild with those who live in the area.

The gateway to the north was created as a part of the landscape of Prince Albert. A single bridge goes through the town and into the northern and southern territories, specifically through the central river. Hydraulic projects were formed in this area because of falls that further connected this area. The connections created an introduction to commerce and trade from both regions while allowing the area to prominently become a stopping point for trade, commerce and entertainment in the area. Historical connections as well as newer entertainment sectors all continue to thrive in the region.

The gateway to Canada opens into vast natural sectors and territories. Prince Albert is the town that symbolizes the connections through the bridges and roads that have formed the gateway to the North. While this particular point was formatted as a meeting point for commerce and rest, it thrives today on offering a glimpse into history and into contemporary opportunities for the community.
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