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Ponoka, Alberta - The Cattle Capital of Canada. No one in Alberta argues with Ponoka residents who dubbed their fair town "The Cattle Capital of Canada." In a town with a population of just under 7,000, cattle in and around Ponoka outnumber residents. Life in Ponoka is based around agricultural pursuits such as Canada's largest cattle auction and the third largest rodeo.

Ponoka's Working Population. Although Ponoka is a relatively laid back region, it's definitely an ambitious, working population. In Ponoka, cowboy hats, jeans and pickup trucks define the working class who farm some of the richest land in Alberta. Albertans always find interesting pastimes and hobbies to balance their rigorous work schedules. Ponokans are particularly interested in bird watching. This is a region of the province well suited to this type of hobby.

Ponoka's Classic Features. Ponoka features rolling meadows and stands of aspens bed by small, sparkling streams. In Ponoka, deer, coyotes and a wide variety of songbirds add to the natural daily symphony here. In addition, there are a number of historical sites to enjoy. Individuals who consider moving to Ponoka look for property through their real estate agent. It's advisable to rely on a professional agent to help locate available homes and properties in Ponoka.

If Farm Life is For You. Ponoka appeals to people who have longed for the farming life and to live near agricultural hubs. This describes Ponoka perfectly. Downtown, there are a number of shops and businesses that provide the populous with goods and supplies. In addition, Ponoka balances the rural and urban with fire and emergency services, as well as recreational facilities, religious and secular schools and a number of cafes, eateries and fine dining restaurants. Families can also take advantage of camp grounds in Ponoka or well maintained parks.
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