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So Much to Love about Peace River, Alberta. Deep inside the human soul lays an adventurer with a thirst for wandering into the heart of nature. Peace River in Alberta satisfies the adventurer who feels the need to settle into the most perfect place to call home. There's so much to love about Peace River. Located just north and west of the provincial capital, Edmonton, Peace River is the provincial darling of Alberta. It's impossible to not fall immediately in love with Peace River. Potential home and land buyers who visit in any of the four seasons are startled by the beauty and color in the hills gracing the shores of the river. The river is like a siren whose song enchants any soul who desires a life surrounded with natural beauty.

Housing and Land in Peace River. In Peace River, housing and land are judiciously planned to attract potential buyers. In Peace River, there is an equal amount of single family homes and senior living communities that attract individuals with a diverse income range. In addition, there are quite a number of rentals available in this northwestern Alberta town. Streets are lined with trees and the crackle of aspens adds to the town's enchanting charm. Peace River boasts such amenities as an Olympic sized pool, parks, playgrounds, museums, public and pre-schools, as well as police, fire and emergency services. In addition, there are bus, rail and air services for residents' transportation convenience.

Peace River - The Place to Relocate. For those considering relocating to Peace River, consult with a real estate agent regarding housing availability. Ideally, it's best to visit Peace River to get a clearer sense of the magnificence of this town with its subtle French nuances. Residents of Peace River love skiing, cultural centers and bike trails.
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Average price per  sq.feet  $210
Average price per  sq.feet  $3.03
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