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Painting Into the Landscape of Parry Sound. Cities surrounding Ontario are known for their scenery and landscape settings that citizens enjoy. A space that takes this as the top priority is Parry Sound. This area developed specifically because of the interest of artist, Tom Thomson, and the famous painters that formed the Group of Seven. The intrigue that the art caused led to stronger developments in the town, specifically which has generated tourism and commerce for the sake of beauty.

Parry Sound, initially called the shining shore, is known for the natural landscape and beauty in the area. It is located on the eastern shores of Ontario, allowing it to open into the ocean area and natural river and lake beds through the area. It has the largest freshwater port in Canada, creating an intrigue for those interested in the diverse waterbeds of Canada. Intertwined between the water openings is rich forest landscapes and greenery that create scenic landscapes as well as enjoyable activities for residents.

The setting of Parry Sound for artistic intrigue is followed by the community's inspiration to continue to the legend of the town. Many artistic festivals are hosted in the region throughout the year. There are also trips to islands and surrounding coastal lines for residents and tourists to further explore the beauty of the area. Many resorts are lined through the area for those interested in visiting the area. UNESCO has named the Georgian Bay Biosphere Preserve one of the sites that requires preservation, making it a space that continues to be filled with a variety of plants and animals in their natural habitat.

The beauty of Canada can be seen through Parry Sound. The artistic landscape that forms the region as well as the natural wonders that have created the reputation of the town draw many to the area. For Ontario, this area remains one of the Canadian wonders that fill the area with the known nature and beauty.
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