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The Narrowing Waters of Osoyoos. The First Nations tribes that first developed Osoyoos knew it as a meeting point where the waters narrowed. The name continues to attract many today to this town in British Columbia, allowing it to remain a natural preserve and attraction to Canadian visitors. The beauty surrounding the region as well as the leisurely lifestyle created in the area has allowed the settlement space to become one of fame for Canadian residents that enjoy a getaway.

Osoyoos remains a central area for many of the First Nations tribes. It was also settled as a small trading space in the 1800s. The popularity of the area allowed it to thrive with the connections to smaller lakes that branched into various regions of British Columbia. This made transportation and commerce easy from this central location. The surrounding Okanagan River and trail as well as Osoyoos Lake, allowed the pristine area to attract trade. At later dates, agricultural ventures highlighted the region, which continues to develop in the area from orchids to agricultural diversity because of the ecosystem.

The area of Osoyoos is a combined culture of those interested in the leisurely accents of nature for living. Agricultural developments continue to thrive in the community. Tourism is also a highly recognized economic stimulant to the area. It is also known for the development of larger homes and estates for retired individuals and families. The area is a prime location for those in British Columbia to enjoy retirement years. This has caused an influx of the population and properties in recent years while developing unique mixtures of individuals in the community.

The beauty of Osoyoos, where the waters narrow, is one that has developed around the natural setting. The historical location is one that has remained in it's prime from the settlements that occurred in the region. The combination of individuals in the community as well as tourists allow this area to continue to blossom with natural attractiveness and opportunities to those in British Columbia.
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