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For many years, Saskatchewan was the signature Canadian agricultural hub. A visitor to "Sask," as it is often called would see the most extensive vista comprised of miles and miles of farmland and fields. This province lies in the southern center of Canada. Land here is largely wide open and dotted with cities like Moose Jaw, settled on the Moose Jaw River. Today, Moose Jaw has a population just under 35,000 and growing. All the attraction of life in Moose Jaw is the warm, friendly residents who live in this welcoming province. Tourists are greeted by Mac the Moose, the enormous moose who sits at the foot of Trans Canada Highway and Highway 2.

Moose Jaw - a Mini Metropolis. Though its humble beginnings are deeply rooted in agriculture, the appeal of Moose Jaw is far more urban than rural. It is also home to the Canadian Forces Base and hosts the most upscale names in business. Due to its expansive open space, the Royal Canadian Air Force maintains training bases in this province. Unlike the most northern Canadian provinces, Moose Jaw's climate is ideal the year round for varied activities. Hockey, as would be expected, is the No. 1 sport in Moose Jaw. Other tourist attractions are Tunnels of Moose Jaw, Temple Gardens Mineral Springs Spa and a number of historical, railroad and Royal Canadian Mounted Police museums.

At Home in Moose Jaw. As with many Canadian provinces, residential areas are neatly arranged to avoid traffic congestion and typical urban nuances. This is also true in Moose Jaw. Homes in Moose Jaw are located within city limits and outlying limits. For lovers of city life, choose real estate closest to the business districts. For those with a more rural preference, choose residences outside the central part of Moose Jaw.
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