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Escaping Into the Nature of Laurentides. The surrounding natural settings of Laurentides have established the strong reputation of beauty among Canadians. The smaller community is known as a weekend getaway for Ontario, which has led to a thriving area and space of enjoyment for the residents. The development of the area as well as the natural settings continue to offer more options for those interested in the surroundings of mountains to lakes.

Laurentides was occupied by First Nations tribes for many centuries as a staple connection to the natural surroundings. It was settled by the French in the 1800s who developed a smaller community in the region. The main focus of the area was agriculture, specifically because of the lush lands that surrounded the space. It is located on a valley and surrounded by lakes and rivers. It is also at the backdrop of the Laurentian Mountains to Mont Tremblant, creating a variety of open areas for enjoyment.

The natural setting is combined with several communities that are in the area, forming different regions through Laurentides. There are over ten community spaces that have been developed. Most are residential or vacation homes with smaller businesses in the area. The economic and entertainment draw comes from the skiing culture that thrives in the area, as well as leisurely outdoor activities with hikes to lake events.

For those interested in escaping into the heart of nature, Laurentides is one of the spaces that one can enjoy. The area is known for the several mountain settings and the lakes in the area. From the occupation of the First Nations to the present day, those that move into the region are able to embrace the leisurely activities that nature has to offer.
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