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Finding Home in Heart's Delight. A small port town in Canada invites you into comfort and enjoyment. Heart's Delight, a smaller town in Newfoundland and Labrador, is an established area that brings in new opportunity. The name of the area was founded from the story of a traveler who stopped at the cove of the city. He became so enamoured with the area, that he stayed and settled the town, naming it his Heart's Delight. Others believe that the name was founded from two ships that were brought to shore with the same name.

The myth of Heart's Delight follows with the continuous growth of the community. It is located close to the sea, opening to beaches and outdoor adventures in Canada. Ferries, cruise lines and other boating experiences are some of the most common experiences in the area, allowing one to venture out to the sea while returning back to a comfortable space to call home. Other lakes and expansive natural areas are also in the area, creating a beautiful space for enjoyment.

The community of Heart's Delight, while known for natural settings, has a smaller population. Most living in the region are retired or living with family. Others are working closer to the area or are involved in the main institutions set in the town, such as educational programs, the post office or other government buildings. The smaller population and setting creates a quaint atmosphere for those looking for a relaxed lifestyle.

If you want a space to call close to your heart, then the town of Heart's Delight offers more opportunities for enjoyment. The open ocean area, natural settings and the smaller community tie together for an alternative lifestyle experience.
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