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Reaching Swan City in Grand Prairie. The luxury of nature is at your toes when tapping into Grand Prairie, Alberta. This area is known for the charm of a small town with the surrounding natural settings for enjoyment. Grand Prairie began as a secondary settlement and rest stop for those that were trekking through Canada in the early 1800s. The number of areas settled combined together to form the town and growth of neighborhoods.

Grand Prairie is often referred to as Swan City. This is because of the large migration of swans that move and rest in the area during migration. The charm of nature is followed by Waipiti River and Peace Valley, both which offer a landscape filled with beauty. The area also sets against the Canadian Rockies, allowing one to immerse with a mountainous setting and the many activities offered through this option.

The alternatives offered with Grand Prairie combine with activities that the growing town continues to create. Oil, gas, forestry and agriculture drive the economics of the area. For many, this creates a drive to settle in the area. There are also options with activities that many enjoy, ranging from golf clubs to active and leisurely sports events. The area holds a summer long festival and continues to invite musicians into the mainstream with various venues.

If you are searching for a place of peace and enjoyment, then Grand Prairie is a space that many migrate to. The drive from surrounding nature as well as the association with diverse activities have created a charming and inviting area for many.
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