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Fort McMurray lies in the northern region of Alberta and supports the major Albertan oil industry by providing job opportunities to residents of this region. Historically, Fort McMurray was home to native aboriginals. The city, although known for its scenic beauty, lies along the Athabasca River. Originally, Fort McMurray residents relied on steamboats to deliver goods and supplies, until the Alberta and Great Waterways Railroad was built in the early 1920s.

Fort McMurray Business and Industry. In this northern region of the Alberta province, oil from tar sands provides the largest share of Canada's oil exports. However, this is also a big region for sports lovers, in particular skiing, since it lies north of the provincial capital of Edmonton.

Fort McMurray has a very different climate than other parts of the province. For example, residents often enjoy "chinooks," blankets of warm air in the coldest parts of winter. Fort McMurray provides a reliable hub for transportation via air and buses. Fort McMurray residents have an abundance of shopping centers within driving distance. Fort McMurray businesses include real estate, legal, medical and a variety of entertainment and sports-related shops.

Life in Fort McMurray. For those considering buying a home or property in Fort McMurray, it's best to check with a provincial real estate agent most familiar with this region. Winters in Fort McMurray are long, while summers are short. Life in Fort McMurray is influenced most by the climate. Even in cold provincial winters in this far north region, residents find their city provides all of the conveniences they need. Fort McMurray is, after all, one of the most picturesque winter wonderlands and artistically colorful summer havens. Avid skiers never miss the opportunity to try out Fort McMurray's ski venues. In fall, photography buffs are awed by the golden vista of Fort McMurray.
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