Waterfront home for sale

Waterfront home for sale in Canada

The waterfront home might be built on a stream, river or lake. Unlike the waterfront cottage, the waterfront home has all of the features of a fully-operational dwelling space. A waterfront home could be located in urban, suburban or rural neighborhoods.

Those who enjoy boating, fishing and other recreational activities will appreciate the advantages of the waterfront home. The areas are usually filled with wildlife - birds, squirrels and even deer. This can be a restful setting for a growing family.

The waterfront home will likely be more valuable than a regular home due to the presence of more nature. Many times, communities with full trees are wealthier and more attractive since the trees provide protection from the elements. Some waterfront properties are adjacent to parks, government land and reserves. An owner may allow hunting on his waterfront property.

The key problem with a waterfront home is flooding. Depending on the location, wealthier neighborhoods may receive preferential treatment when a local dam releases heavy flood waters. The poorer waterfront properties may experience basement flooding leading to mold growth. Sandbagging is one of the primary options for those who own a waterfront home. Wet-dry sump pumps are also a necessity for some waterfront home owners.
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