Condominium townhouse for sale

Condominium townhouse for sale in Canada

The condominium townhouse combines two types of dwellings: condo and townhouse. The condominium tends to be a smaller housing unit that can be owned by the occupants. Most condominiums share their walls, floors and ceilings with other occupants of the large building community. Hallways, elevators and special meeting rooms are accessible to the condo owner.

Individual ownership in a small living unit is the best attraction of the condominium. Some apartment complexes have simply upgraded their facilities and rebranded the apartments as condominiums. Drawbacks to condo ownership include limited space, common walls and the building community setting the rules for the condominium owners. Resale value can be harmed by bad neighbors.

The townhouse was originally a small multi-story urban dwelling for British nobility. There was a separate entrance for each townhouse with much of the space aligned vertically rather than horizontally. It has become more of a sign of luxury as a temporary dwelling for the wealthy.

The condominium townhouse (or townhouse condominium) is the perfection of the vertical multi-story space, separate entrance and tenant ownership model. These larger luxury condo town homes may also have garages and a small yard. These types of houses are most commonly found in suburban areas where a little more space is needed for growing families.
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