Semi detached house for sale

Semi detached house for sale in Canada

If you spend enough time around the real estate industry, you will find that there is a term for every type of residential property on the market. An A-frame house is one that literally looks like the letter "A." A ranch home is one that does not have a second story to it. The glossary of real estate terms also contains references to a few different kinds of detached homes. One of the more interesting types of detached residential homes is the semi-detached house.

In the case of the semi-detached house, the word "semi" and the singular designation are misleading. There are two important features that a home must have in order to be considered semi-detached and both features help to create a semi-detached home's unique look.

Sharing A Common Wall. A semi-detached home shares a common wall with one of its neighbors. It is important to note that, in a semi-detached configuration, only two homes are attached. Any residential structure that has more than two units attached would have a different designation.

Mirror Images. Each side of a semi-detached house is a mirror image of the other. The color schemes and landscaping around each side may be different, but both sides are structurally identical.

The semi-detached house is extremely popular in Europe, where it is more commonly known as a semi. Each side of a semi-detached house is a full residential structure capable of accommodating one family.
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