1 bedroom house for sale

1 bedroom house for sale in Canada

Home ownership has many attractive features allowing an individual to acquire a valuable asset that may increase in price over time. The 1 bedroom house is an example of an ideal housing asset where someone may simply want to be free from apartment rental. Equity can be built up quickly. The 1 bedroom house might also have the benefits of a lawn.

Similar to the one room schoolhouse, the 1 bedroom house offers a cozy living dwelling. This may be the creation of a novice carpenter who had enough skills to create a small house to live in. Some of these small houses were built for a relative behind a larger home.

After World War II, many very small houses were built for returning veterans. The one-bedroom house is similar to the studio apartment. It might have several rooms, but only one bedroom. This might be good for a senior citizen who has a visiting nurse during the day. It is like a way station or resting spot for a busy individual.

Most one bedroom houses do not have basements or multiple stories. Environmentalists are more likely to build a simple single room structure to reduce the dweller's carbon footprint. The 1 bedroom house can be made in any style with any materials.
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