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"To the Manor Born" was a British comedy linking the manor style of dwelling with the aristocracy. The manor was a feudal estate granted by the sovereign lord of England to an individual who would promise knights to the king during war. The manor was a large country house surrounded by serfs who owed allegiance to this manor owner. The owner of the manor claimed the title of baron.

The manor was the basic unit of tenure turning the unproductive land of the king into productive land for the nation. The manor was the primary house for the English country estate. The manor is also part of the English territorial divisions of county, parish and township.

In the United States, the concept of the manor may be similar to the primary house on a slave plantation. It was not only a dwelling, but it was also the local legal authority. It was the center of socio-economic activity for the community. It is usually a larger building with several rooms, servant's quarters and stables for horses.

The duplex manor is a variation of this concept based on the original Latin "dualis" for two. Thus, a duplex manor is two manors set side-by-side. Of course under the English system there can only be one manor for the feudal estate. Thus, the duplex manor concept is a more American derivation.
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