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Bungalows for sale in Canada

One Man's Bungalow is Another's Beach House. Bungalow is an interesting word that means different things to different people. In Canada, a bungalow may be an attached or detached house. Along the New Jersey shore, a bungalow is a small, unattached beach house.

The common denominator is that a bungalow is a "home." In Calgary, Alberta, for example, the most exclusive bungalows on Knob Hill sit high atop a promontory. These bungalows are attached. This style offers convenience, comfort and elegance. The exteriors are brick and have a built-in garage on the first floor beneath a second-floor bedroom. Other bungalows in Ontario, for example, range from attached to detached and may have two or three bedrooms, a garage and brick or metal sidings.

With a Bungalow, Location is Everything. Bungalows in Canada are great first residences for young couples and growing families. They also suit many older, retired individuals. Location of a bungalow is one of the most important features of a purchase. Real estate agents assist clients with location, as well as the most suitable bungalow for personal needs. Many of these bungalows are fitted with the most desirable conveniences and amenities. Bungalows are located in cities and towns and are convenient to businesses, shopping and schools. Bungalows are priced right for the budget conscious as compared to the cost of a larger home with property. Some bungalows have the added value of property with lots of curb appeal. Before contacting a real estate agent, decide on the number of bedrooms and baths required in a bungalow.
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