Bungalow with basement for sale

Bungalow with basement for sale in Canada

The bungalow with basement is an upgrade from the traditional bungalow without a basement. The term "bungalow" is derived from a very popular rural India Bengali building style. The original Bengali house was very simple with no basement, a small gated porch and a roof held up by exterior support beams.

Traditionally, the Indian bungalow would have had one big room without many amenities. Originally, it was constructed using local construction materials, like thatch, straw (khar), bamboo, wood or red clay tiles. Modern Indian bungalows use cheap corrugated steel sheets. Bungalow connotes a small warm weather low-rise house with a veranda.

Over time, the bungalow gained more of an exotic reputation from its Indian origins. When transplanted to the Western world, the bungalow style of housing went through a slight transformation.

Western-style bungalows tend to be a bit larger. When a dwelling becomes too large, it really should not be characterized as a bungalow any longer.

Most bungalows are constructed in a simple rectangle pattern, although any shape is possible. The majority are single-story or have smaller second stories with a sloping roof. The foundation and roof size is usually larger. Many bungalows are detached. Windows are usually set to the roof. The bungalow with basement offers a larger living space for an affordable price.
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