Duplexes for rent

Duplexes for rent in Canada

Neighbourly Living With a Duplex. City and town dwellers can embrace a side - by - side lifestyle with a duplex. The style of this architecture is developed for a lifestyle that is similar to a house and condominium. Popular in larger cities that need more homes for living, the duplex has gained prestige while being developed across the globe. The styles offered with this lifestyle create a sense of comfort in the city.

A duplex is a two story home that is connected to another two story home. It allows a single family unit to be on each side of the building or over each other, creating a home feeling but allowing more families to be in one space. The sharing of the duplex comes from a single wall that separates both sides. Some of these may also be semi - detached. Each space has a separate entrance to create a sense of privacy.

The popularity of the duplex has expanded into a variety of available styles. The style has developed with the buildings being side by side or on top of each other. In some instances, architects have expanded the concept into a three or four person living unit. The arrangements combine with quality interior and exterior platforms to create a comfortable and unique space for each family.

If you are interested in privacy, space and convenience, then a duplex allows you to tap into a different lifestyle. The approach used for urban living has created a creative approach, specifically for larger cities, while allowing families to move into a space they can call home.
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