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Cabins for rent in Canada

A cabin (log cabin or cottage) is usually a small, simple house made out of wood. In a forest, settlers can use their axes or chainsaws to create their own construction materials. Most log cabins are constructed using materials on site: logs, stones and moss.

The foundation can be made of simple sturdy stones with layers of round unfinished tree trunks with branches and roots removed. These logs are notched - using a square, "V" or saddle shape - for insertion and stability.

Most log cabins can be built from scratch by simply cutting down trees. The logs are laid out in a square pattern with opposite walls being laid out parallel to one another. The structure is built up and the doors and windows are cut out of the finished assembly.

Log cabins are ideal for the novice do-it-yourself craftsmen because they are so simple to construct. It only requires about thirty (30) good logs to complete a little living space. This dwelling follows a very simple construction pattern using affordable materials.

A lake cabin might also be constructed as a family's summer vacation home. This is easy-to-maintain, durable and fits in nicely with the surrounding environment. Most cabins lack the modern amenities of other types of housing.

Due to the simplicity of the construction techniques, most cabins are not known for having basements or too many levels. The loft is a popular addition overlooking the primary living space.
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