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Drummondville is a city in Quebec that has 71,852 inhabitants. It is located in the Centre-du-Quebec region, to the East of Montreal. The city has a total area of 260 square kilometers and was founded in 1815. In 2004, the municipalities of Saint-Nicephore, Saint-Joachim-de-Courval and Saint-Charles-de-Drummond have been amalgamated into the city of Drummondville.

Getting to and from Drummondville from other cities in the region, like Montreal, Trois-Rivieres and Quebec City is relatively easy, due to the fact that Drummondville is served by a network of intercity buses, as well as a passenger rail train service. The city has also made some improvements to its local transit system, now ensuring that buses run at least every 30 minutes on weekdays.

For families with children, the city offers a variety of leisure and sports activities. There are several parks, skating rinks, swimming pools and community sports centers available in the area. There is also a small beach in Drummondville which is open during the summer months. Various automobile racing events are held at the city's Autodrome during the summer months.

Those interested in buying a home in Drummondville will have various properties to choose from. The majority of real estate for sale in the city consists of single family detached homes, although those looking to purchase a condo will find several listed for sale as well. Purchases of homes have picked up slightly in Drummondville during the past year, showing an increase by 8 percent. Housing prices have been stable during the past few years and have remained close to the provincial median of $230,000 for a single-family home.
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