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Cornwall, Ontario - A Little Corner of Heaven. Tucked into the eastern corner of the picturesque province of Ontario is the city of Cornwall. This modern city with its view of the St. Lawrence River is home to a population of fewer than 50,000 residents. A drive along tree-lined Pitt Street impresses tourist who can see the attention to detail city planners have taken to create an upscale business center. To the casual eye, Cornwall is graciously endowed with a rural and urban appeal. The beauty of life in Cornwall is its sustaining ability to provide all of the necessary features so desired by residents and individuals looking to relocate here. Cornwall fulfills residents’ ideas of an active community life with great job opportunities.

Cornwall United. One of the nicest features of Cornwall is the unity among the business and residential community to help advance the city's progress. In this growing city, jobs continue to increase as new businesses discover the industrious nature of Cornwall residents. Entrepreneurs flock to Cornwall because it offers commercial and industrial properties and a broad base for residential housing. Cornwall's ambitious local government knows the importance of including recreational programs, parks and sports for children and adults. Cornwall residents fully support these initiatives and others that are in progress.

Housing in Cornwall. Cornwall offers the opportunity for home buyers to choose from a wide array of home styles and properties. Farms and ranches, single family dwellings and large estates and estate properties capture the attention of prospective home buyers. Cornwall homes offer a scenic, private respite from urban life. A real estate agent can assist business owners with commercial buildings and properties that are available within the business district, as well as residential needs. Cornwall offers residential homes in a variety of custom styles.
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Average price per  sq.feet  $610
Average price per  sq.feet  $3.02
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